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        您当前的位置 : 首 页 > 产品中心 > 整流变压器及成套设备


        2021-09-23 11:24:08

        产品概述 丨 Product introduction


        ● 整流变压器按相数分:3相、6相、12相、24相、多台组合可达更多相数。

        ● 按结构类型分:有器身结构,单器身结构及共式结构。

        ● 按油箱类型分:有箱盖式,半钟罩式等结构。

        ● 按出线方式分:有顶进顶出,顶进侧出等结构。

        ● 按调压方式分:有无载调压及有载调压形式。

        Rectifying transformer is three-phase sinusoidal wave alternating voltage of the high voltage network convert to poly-phase low voltage of the rectfy devices. It is a specialized transformer for the transformations of the phase angle toimprove the working characteristics of the side of the AC and DC.lt is widely used in aluminum,magnesium,zinc,manganese, brine electrolysis etc., chemical rectifier and smelting industry and large power DC current situation.

        ● Phase: 3-phase,6-phase,12-phase,24-phase,Poly-phase.Combination in multiple rectifier transformers can makemore phases.

        ● Structure: active-part structure, individual active-pact structure and common-mode structure.

        ● ooil tank:cover tank and bell type tank.

        ● Method connecting wire: from top entry to top-terminal, from top entry to side-terminal.o 

        ● Voltage regulation mode: off-circuit tap-changer and on-load tap-changer.

        技术参数表 丨 Reference specifications


        Note: The product is subject to change without further notice. The data contained in this manual is or reference only, such as gauge, weigh, and outline dimension.For the special requirements, please feel free to contact us.


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